The Fuel and The Flame by Paul Worcester and Steve Shadrach

A book designed to help college students discover a vision for their life, a strong spiritual foundation and practical ways to share the gospel, disciple others and impact the world for Christ.

NEW AND COMPLETELY REVISED 2020 — College: A four-year (or more!) window of time where a student can become and accomplish all that God has for them. This book will help you do just that as you discover a vision for your life, the kind of personal and spiritual foundation you need to build, and practical ways to share your faith, disciple others, and impact the world for Jesus Christ. The challenge? If you will fully submit yourself to the Lord to be the fuel, God will ignite your life and spread the flame of the gospel across your campus and world. So beware, what you hold in your hands may forever change you. You in? This is the totally revised and updated version of The Fuel and the Flame! This one was written with students in mind. While we expect that ministry staff or recent grads will come across it as well, our hope is that you—a college student—feel like this book was written just for you. The original version was published in 2003 and quickly became the go-to book for a myriad of campus-based and church-based college ministries around the U.S. and beyond. However, it is high time we reexamined everything for this new generation of students in light of the challenges and opportunities that lie before you. Our goal in this book is to focus on a few of the simple commands and modeling Jesus provided us. To be able to easily remember these commands, we will refer to them as EDM (evangelism, disciple-making, and mission mobilization). While we believe God is passionate about the pursuit of social justice, racial equality, and many other righteous causes in our day, those are outside of the scope of this book. We also know that every culture has its own set of ever-changing values, challenges, and injustices, and we are trying not to “Americanize” this material but instead make it easily adaptable in many other countries and languages. We hope that God uses the basics of EDM shared in this book to transform your everyday life and change your heart to be more like His own. So, if you want to walk with God more closely, have a vision for your life and ministry, develop a practical plan for you to lead others to Christ and make disciples, and to impact the world for the glory of God…you’ve come to the right place! Read this on your own. Or take a small group through it. Encourage your whole college ministry to use it as their semester training tool or summer project book. Not everything in here will work for you and your group, but—as long as you are seeking to be an obedient (and teachable!) disciple of Jesus Christ—a lot will!