Life Essentials:

New Believers Guide for Students

Use this video guide to teach new believers the fundamental elements of what it means to follow Jesus and live as a Christian. This free resource includes six lessons on essential topics that will help establish and equip a new believer in their faith.

Message 1: Reading the Scriptures

Does reading the Bible make any difference in the life of a believer? Listen to Shane Pruitt teach about the value of spending time in His Word and why reading the Bible is essential to knowing God.


Message 2: Praying

Praying is simply talking to God. It is timeless, boundless and lifegiving because it connects people to God. Listen to Shane Pruitt teach about prayer and how praying fuels every aspect of the Christian life.


Message 3: Overcoming Sin and Temptation

No one is immune to persistent sins. Some struggle with anger, while others wrestle with worry or lust. Listen to Paul Worcester teach about God’s grace and how to guard against sin and temptation.


Message 4: Importance of Church

When a person receives salvation through Christ, they are born into the family of God and the body of Christ. How does a community of believers impact a believer’s spiritual growth? Listen to Shane Pruitt teach how believers help, grow and mature each other as they learn to walk with Jesus.


Message 5: The Role of the Holy Spirit

Christians cannot live a life worth pleasing to God on their own. The Holy Spirit is a believer’s teacher and counselor, producing Christlike character. Listen to Paul Worcester explain how the Holy Spirit’s role works in a believer’s life.


Message 6: Sharing the Gospel and Your Testimony

It’s never too early to talk to others about God’s grace and mercy. Sharing one’s faith and testimony shows others God’s love for His people. Listen to Paul Worcester talk about why sharing the gospel with others is essential.


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