From GenSend Summer to Serving in the City

Andrew’s Journey of Evangelism and Calling in Atlanta

Andrew participated in GenSend Summer in Atlanta during the summer of 2019 to work with church plants and live on mission. Now, four years later, he still hasn’t left the city.

After ministering in Atlanta that summer, Andrew returned through GenSend Semester to work with Blueprint Church, specifically reaching international students. There’s a massive need for churches to serve domestic and international college students because Atlanta is home to multiple universities. Andrew’s work with GenSend showed him God’s calling to minister in the communities of Atlanta.

“One day, I was going to a local college to meet up with some international students for lunch to help them work on their English and so I could get to know them. They almost didn’t come and it felt super awkward at first,” Andrew shared. Through that initial awkwardness, he soon built a relationship with one of the men.

“I saw him consistently throughout the summer and I got to know him better and eventually shared the gospel with him— the Lord worked through it all.”

Andrew learned God was calling him to do more. “I desired the things where I knew any success had nothing to do with me. I wanted more of that!”

Since then, the Lord burdened Andrew’s heart for the people in need of the gospel in Atlanta, specifically international students who live there for a short time.

“As a college student attending church, I realized so many times that I didn’t know how to articulate the gospel.”

Andrew knew that the evangelism tools he developed through GenSend needed to be available to the average church member for them to fulfill the Great Commission, a call to all believers.

“These truths should not only be for the “professional” Christians or just for GenSend teams. They need to be accessible to the whole church.”

After that GenSend summer, Andrew participated in GenSend Semester in Atlanta and eventually became a Journeyman through NAMB’s Send Relief Center in Clarkston, Georgia.

In this position, he hosts mission teams throughout the summer from churches all over the country, where he works out his calling by teaching the local church simple evangelism practices and exposing them to the urgency of the gospel both in Clarkston and all over the world.

“Getting to serve these local churches by giving them ways to think through the gospel, maybe for the first time, or show them what it means to think about their communities strategically is what I love and feel called to do.”

Andrew also connects with the local churches in Atlanta and finds opportunities for Send Relief to work alongside them to meet local needs.

What started with GenSend Summer in 2019 has resulted in a clarified calling, urgency for the gospel and years of serving the city of Atlanta.

Published November 3, 2023